Security Audit of Microsoft 365

Let’s evaluate the security options and security setup in your Microsoft environment. Then we can offer you our best recommendations in terms of security.

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Threat Assessment

Avoid Data Leaks, before a cyber threat occurs.

With this audit we can identify possible misconfigurations in your M365 setup.

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CGTI Audit

Check your GDPR compliance

Through the audit you will know exactly what actions to take to stay compliant.

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Super Secure

Take action,boost security

You will receive a report with images to simplify understanding. Recommendations will be issued to prioritize, target and direct improvement opportunities.

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    What we'll do

    How does a
    Microsoft 365 security audit work

    The methodology that we recommend for carrying out an audit adapts to the size and realities of organizations. We are there from planning the audit, to presenting a detailed report, to collecting data and analyzing your IT systems.


    Project kick-off meeting, obtaining access, and planning

    Our security audit experts will meet with your organization’s employee(s) to plan the audit together. They will then ensure that they have all the access they need to perform the audit.

    Step 1


    Review of the governance and configurations in place

    We will start this audit with a general review of the governance and management of information technology within your organization, as well as an analysis of the configurations in place.

    Step 2


    Analysis of discovered vulnerabilities (if applicable)

    Our experts will continue the audit with tests to identify potential security vulnerabilities within your Microsoft 365 environment.

    Step 3

    Report Creation

    Analysis of the results obtained and report writing

    The product is officially launched to the public. The marketing campaigns go live, and the team focuses on driving user acquisition and adoption.

    Step 4


    Report presentation

    You will receive a report with images to simplify understanding. Recommendations will be issued to prioritize, target and direct improvement opportunities.

    Step 5