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Struggling with manual tasks, lengthy sales cycles, and inconsistent follow-up? You're not alone. But what if you could revolutionize your sales process with the power of Artificial Intelligence?

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An impactful collaboration

Expert Sales Mentors

are the foundation of our solutions and bring 20+ years of experience to the table. ALL of our implementations come with extra coaching and guidance of our Sales Experts.

Daniel Feander

Daniel Feander

Founder -

In addition to working with startups, I’ve got “big firm" experience, having worked for Moody’s and FactSet. Having been at the coal face of sales myself for over 20+ years, I know what to look for in the best candidates to ensure your SaaS is a success.

Stefaan De Vreese - LGBTQ+ Business Owner

Stefaan De Vreese

CEO - Titanify

Part of my mission is to Titanify every business that wants to eliminate wasting time & money through systemizing and automating their business operations using AI-supported tools like Microsoft 365

Identify Bottlenecks

Stop stressing
About everything that goes wrong

All sorts of things can go wrong with all the day-to-day tasks everyone has to do. From technical problems with tools, failure to find document in the mess, and constant miscommunication. Through our digitization solution, we can map everything perfectly and identify and solve problems very quickly, so your team and yourself no longer have to stress over silly things.

  • Smoother Communication
  • Technical Support
  • Stress-free Work
Choose the Right Tools

Future-proof tools,
for a thriving business

How many different tools do you use in your daily work? 10, 20 or more? Do they all work well? Are they integrated with each other?
All questions we help you with and perform optimization for each tool.

  • Practical Integrations
  • Less technical headaches
  • Improving customer experience
Automate with AI

Efficient and simple
sales automation

Imagine the impact: Your B2B SaaS sales team, empowered by AI, is a well-oiled machine, closing deals faster, nurturing leads more effectively, and driving significant revenue growth.

  • Ready for the Future
  • Effective Communication
  • Increase productivity

Integrations with top products

Integrate effortlessly with your favorite apps. Improve functionality, increase efficiency and streamline workflows.

Stay on top of the newest trends.

Discover the latest trends, tips and insights into the world of efficient, streamlined business processes and automations. Gain the knowledge to grow your business and increase your productivity.

Understanding the Importance of ISO Standards

Understanding the Importance of ISO Standards

Your ISO Management System can be so much more than a box-checking exercise. At Titanify, we get it. You’re here to make waves, not just to keep afloat. That’s why we’re mixing the magic of Microsoft 365 with our proven approach to flip the script on ISO—transforming it from a silent budget eater into your secret weapon for business success.

The AI Paradox: Why the Most Promising Technology Faces the Biggest Challenges

The AI Paradox: Why the Most Promising Technology Faces the Biggest Challenges

Discover why firms face AI hurdles—strategy, data, talent, culture, goals, ROI—and tips for effective adoption.

Compliance to Competitive Advantage: Unlocking Your Full Potential Through Integrated Systems

Compliance to Competitive Advantage: Unlocking Your Full Potential Through Integrated Systems

Discover how unified management systems with AI, Microsoft 365, and compliance foster sustainable growth.

Customer success stories & case studies

Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about Titanify's AI-powered sales automation!

Stefaan possesses a thorough knowledge of the technical side of business, including setting up email nurture sequences and productivity systems. To put it simply, working with Stefaan is the best decision I have made since launching my business.

Daniel Feander

Founder & CEO

Daniel Feander

His approach is motivating and inspiring, and he pushes you to your limits. At the same time, he does so with a compassionate approach that makes the whole process fun and enjoyable. A huge shoutout to Stefaan and Titanify!

Roel Van Gils

Founder & CEO

He not only invests heavily in your business, but also shows a determined commitment to building a smoothly running team with you. With Titanify, you get more than just a service, you get a dedicated partnership for scaling your business.

Ilse Cuvelier


I have been working with Stefaan for over a year now, and in a highly motivating and positive way, he has taught me to do things completely differently. For me, it has been and continues to be enriching to discuss new ideas with Stefaan and get clear guidance on what I should prioritize.

Bart Van Acker

Owner & CEO

Bart Van Acker

Their dedication to providing valuable advice and mentorship is inspiring, and their commitment to making a positive impact on the industry is truly commendable. Thank you, Stefaan, for your passion and hard work in creating such a valuable resource for companies like ours.

Shikhar Sharma

Marketing Manager

Shikhar Sharma

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